No appeal,no compensation?!

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we all know that sold $35,600,000 USD,but if the .com registry tell the former owner of this domain before he sold it,saying that they will take back this domain,but they will refund the former owner the registration fee of  $10 usd,after take back the domain,then the .com registry will sell this domain to the buyer himself, do you think this will happen? of course not,so .com is the most successful domain of all.

but this happened on,the robber registry is nira: Nigeria Internet Registration Association (.ng registry). was first registered by me on 2013-05-24,2013-7-4,more than one month passed after i registered it,nira transfer it out from my registrar account suddenly even without a email notice then sold it to the buyer.the sold price for is $10000 usd per year,every year! but nira only want to refund me the register fee of $100 usd!

all of us know that, although many domains were registered,but only little ones have the chance to sell.if one of the domains have the chance to sell,but the registry says that they will refund the registration fee to you,then take back the domain and sell it to the buyer himself at high price,is this the biggest joke you ever heard before?

after nira steal my domains,after i published the truth,2013-12-24,Sunday Folayan (the vice president of nira) who steal from me told me that:
NiRA and Nigeria are not interested in your, so I do not see any reason why you should not get that one.
Sunday Folayan is the vice president of nira,one of the most important people inside nira,he is on behalf of nira,he must responsible for what he said.nira know clearly that they have no right to steal our domains AFTER it was registered. although said this,until today,nira still do not give back my domain or give me the money they sold for it.

the first time,when “the story behind“ happened,i do not say anything and forgive that foolish nira.
the second time,when “the story behind” happened,i do not say anything and forgive that foolish nira.
the third time,when “the story behind” happened,i began to fight with nira until today.