No appeal,no compensation?!

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have you heard that one domain registry have different policy to their different registrants? the same domain do not allow one registrant to register,but allow another registrant to register ? i never heard of this before,but now,it really happened, ,2013-4-16,when i want to register this domain,nira told my registrar that this domain is not supported and not allow to register,but now,all of you can find that this domain was registered on 2013-4-18 by another registrant,about this,i have said many times in my emails,i also appeal nira do not do bad things to . because this is not the fault of the registrant and his registrar,it is only the fault of nira.

if its the first time you do business with nira,i think it's not easy for you to understand,but as told by many .ng registrars,who do business with nira for many years,this is not strange at all:
"They also agree that NIRA has been very INCONSISTENT",
"I am not happy at the shabby decisions they are making,Changing their minds every minute",
"& u've described it perfectly. Rules change like time,mostly governed by emotions but they claim its by policies".

the first time,when “the story behind“ happened,i do not say anything and forgive that foolish nira.
the second time,when “the story behind” happened,i do not say anything and forgive that foolish nira.
the third time,when “the story behind” happened,i began to fight with nira until today.