No appeal,no compensation?!

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1,when i registered on 2013-4-16,nira’s the then coo is Ope Odusan (3 months later,2013-7-8,Ope Odusan leaves nira to the new company Odusan is a famous people in nigeria domain industry,he worked in nira for many years,he know clearly nira’s “holy policy” than everyone.look at what he said:
(2013-12-09,nira suspend my website suddenly,stole suddenly,which already used for 8 months,34 weeks,240days after it was registered on 2013-04-16.)

2, registrar of
as you see,other registrars where is not registered with,also can support me. as the registrar where is registered with,i hope you can fight for me,especially when your customers are foreigners,who have no ability to protect themselves in nigeria.
not only you,not only me,its everyone all know clearly that belongs to me, everyone know you are the registrar of but,if the truth be reversed,if stolen by nira finally,its also violation to your company’s reputation. what other people think of this?if you even can not protect your customers right when their lawful property is stolen by nira.
you are also a famous company in nigeria domain industry,if you can fight with nira,i think nira will give up their wrong decision shortly. do not give up!we are almost on the edge of victory,it is not only a victory belongs to me,it is also a victory belongs to your company,i think you know clearly than me.

below is the chat history with a staff of,i hide his name avoid being hurt by nira. i also confirmed that other names listed in the pictures are bosses of their companies,sorry for this,hope you can are all brave people who speak out the truth.

3, registrar of
i don't know why whogohost customers cannot be treated equally with other registrar’s customers. whogohost told me that:
since they said we can get it back,I will go and fight to get it back“,
we will fight for you, don’t worry and these things will be solved this year(2013).
i don't know whether he still remember these. check that how many days passed from 2014-01-01,check that how many days passed from nira stole and sold it on 2013-7-4,i still don't get back my domain or the money they sold for it.
2013-12-24,even Sunday Folayan (the vice president of nira) who steal from me also said that i can get back,i don't know why whogohost still don't dare to fight with nira and get back for me quickly,if they cannot protect their customer’s interest,i don't know who will register new domains with them in the future.

4, famous registrar of nira.

5, famous registrar of nira.

6,this is a famous web hosting company in nigeria,not a registrar of nira,i hide his infos avoid being hurt by nira.

i registered with on 2013-05-24.
after nira steal my domains,after i published the truth,2013-12-24,Sunday Folayan (the vice president of nira) who steal from me told me that:
NiRA and Nigeria are not interested in your, so I do not see any reason why you should not get that one.“
but until today, i get 0 domain from nira, i get $0 from nira.

i registered with on 2013-04-16.
after nira steal my domains,after i published the truth,nira told me through netorb that they will let me choose other .ng/ domains in exchange for,i said that if they give back as promised,i will agree exchange with them.
2014-1-29,look at what nira told to me through netorb:

then nira continue delaying and delaying,i continue waiting and waiting. i got premium domains on the third level from nira finally on 2014-2-11.
but look at the 36 domains nira sent to me and force me to choose for many times,all of them were registered and owned by other people early from 2009,all of the whois were updated by nira on 2014-02-04,all of them were added “Contact NIRA to buy this domain” on 2014-02-04.
whois check:


Nira always change customer domain’s whois simply because they can,include steal and sell them.
i don't know whether they will change these domains whois again after i publish the truth,but i have screenshot all the domains whois:

i told nira many times before that i will only choose domains which are complete owned by nira,so i will not choose these domains for exchange. i dont want other people be hurt due to my reason.
nira have many .ng domains himself,but they dont let me choose those .ng domains to make up these domains which they promise but they dont have.
until today, i get 0 domain from nira, i get $0 from nira.