No appeal,no compensation?!

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1,nira,if is a premium domain,why not register it in the past years? (are you busy in robbing’s,’s,’s money in the past years?)
even when .ng was open to the world on 2013-4-16,you also registered at least thousands of .ng premium domains for sale,may be more than 10,000,that is why we always see “Contact NIRA to buy this domain” when we check .ng domains whois.
if is a premium domain,why not register it at that time?why it is still Available to the world before i registered it on 2013-5-24? you cannot steal it from me on 2013-7-4 just because it was regarded as a premium domain AFTER i registered it already for more than one month,this is not other business,this is domain business,first come first served!

2,if is a premium domain,nira should reserved the domain from the first step,they should tips “reserved by nira” but not “Available” when i check the domain.
there is not only one registry in the world,there are 200 more registries in the world,such as .com registry,.de registry (germany), registry (south africa)…every registry all have their own premium domains,when you check a .com/de/… domain,if they are “premium“,you will never see “Available”,you will see “reserved by xxx“. no registry will steal your domains (except nira) after you find it is”Available” and register it!

3, .com/de/…all the domains are on the first come first served basis, .ng must follow the rules.

4,if is a premium domain,why not contact me at the first time when i register it on 2013-5-24?why only wait until you find a buyer,then steal my domain suddenly even without a email notice then sold it to the buyer? before nira steal from me and sold it on 2013-7-4,more than one month passed after i registered it on 2013-5-24.

5, .ng is the most expensive cctld of all cctlds (about $100 per year),nira allowed me to register the domain and collected my money,so it belongs to me. this is not a small amount. with the money we can register 10 .com domains (the most successful domain of all) and 20 domains (the most successful domain of africa).but we spend our limited money on .ng domains,we invest our money in nigeria. but now,our lawful property was stolen by nira. more and more foreigners will hear the story,do you want them stop their invest step in nigeria because their lawful property cannot be protected in that country?

6, nira,when you steal from me,you say it was registered due to a technical glitch,when you steal from me,you say it was registered due to a technical glitch,do you want to steal all my domains with "technical glitch",it's your technical glitch,why let me bear the consequence?

7,after i published the truth,2013-12-24,Sunday Folayan (the vice president of nira) told me that:
NiRA and Nigeria are not interested in your, so I do not see any reason why you should not get that one.
Sunday Folayan is the vice president of nira,one of the most important people inside nira,he is on behalf of nira,he must responsible for what he said.nira know clearly that they have no right to steal our domains AFTER it was registered. although said this,until today,nira still do not give back my domain or give me the money they sold for it.