No appeal,no compensation?!

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nira’s pretense why they steal and from me:
nira create the pdf after they received ICANN ombudsman’s email (2014-3-6),they are scared of ICANN’s mediation,because they know clearly they are wrong to steal my domains,so they make it “closed“.

the pdf was first post on
by nira’s agent on 2014-3-12. my english is not good,but other friends have read it for me,i also read it carefully now.

from the pdf,you will see:
1,there is no email sent to me when nira steal on 2013-7-4.
2,there is no email sent to me when nira steal on 2013-12-9.
3,so,nira put on many emails have nothing to do with these two domains only want to make confusion.
4,look at the two emails i find from the pdf,although i know nira have been cheating for a long time,but i am still shocked again:

5,the most more name appears on the pdf is Ope Odusan,he is NIRA’s the then COO.he works with nira for many years,he know clearly nira’s so called policy,he doesn’t agree nira steal my domain,look at what he said ( was registered on 2013-04-16,3 months later,2013-7-8,Ope Odusan leaves nira to the new company

6,in the pdf,Mary Uduma and Sunday Folayan,the so called professional people,even compare with,why you are so funny? Nigeria is Nigeria, but cn is the cctld of china. why is reserved,because it is mistaken identity.
do you want me to call you Mary Folayan and Sunday Uduma in the future? is reserved by .cn registry,so nobody can register it.
but cannot you see already registered by the people who first find it is available?
but cannot you see already registered and used by me for 8 months,34 weeks,240 days?

Yes NIRA can mark some names as premium, but if someone takes a domain already, NIRA has no right to take it away just cos it’s regarded as a premium domain.

nira,no matter how many pretense you find out,no matter how many domains you add to your premium domains list,it was not on the list as at the time it was registered, was first registered by me on 2013-05-24,you cannot steal it on 2013-7-4 AFTER i registered it for more than one month!

there is not only one registry in the world,there are 200 more registries in the world,such as .com registry,.de registry (germany), registry (south africa)…every registry all have their own premium domains,when you check a .com/de/… domain,if they are “premium“,you will never see “Available”,you will see “reserved by xxx“. no registry will steal your domains (except nira) after you find it is”Available” and registered it!

nira,no matter how many pretense you find out,no matter how many domains you add to your premium domains list,Sunday Folayan have said give me back on 2013-12-24,he is not only a thief,he is not only a cheater,he is also the vice president of nira!

nira steal from me and sold it for $10000/per year/every year,if they cannot give back the domain,they should give back the money,but they waste my precious time for so long time (since 2013-12-9),they even dont want to give me $0 money rightfully belongs to me,not to mention other compensation to my damages.

1,the first lie i heard from nira is “nigeria” is a country name, is not allow to register due to the “holy policy“.then i asked why,, were all registered under nira’s same one policy,but my domain cannot be treat equally?
2,the second lie i heard from nira is they already take back from the owner,so they also can take back from me. but i found that they take back only because it was expired nearly two years (expired since 2012-01-13,they have a right to take it back at any time without any reason),that is why they ignore, until today,because they are not expired.
the conspiracy behind take back

3,the third lie i found from nira is after they take back from the owner,they list it for sale.

4,the fourth lie i heard from nira is is a GeoName,but the truth is that GeoName never exist before,after i publish the story,nira change the whois recently in order to cheat us.

i also found that the two so called GeoName domains other people give to me on nairaland (, still registered by other people, there are how many states in nigeria?there are how many cities in nigeria?you know clearly than me. almost all the so called .ng/ GeoName were registered,why only steal my domain?

these two domains were given by a nairaland member,who defend nira and against me for a long time on nairaland,he is one of your biz partners,but after he realized you are cheating,he changed his position quickly.

we are not god,so we make mistakes,but after we find we are wrong,we correct the mistakes we made quickly,but you,Mary Uduma and Sunday Folayan,check that how many lies you told us either on or are not a real robber,you are not a real thief,you are the “official” registry! when will you stop cheating?when will you confess you are wrong? when will you give back my domains and the money you stole from me?

nira’s policy only wrote for me,only execute on me,never cut across the board.
the registrar whogohost told me that nira itself even cannot explain their policy well,if they really have an effective geo-name policy,why they did not tell me before,i fight for since 2013-12-9,i first heard geo-name from nira on 2014-2-24.and geo-name is not the first lie i heard from them,is not the second lie i heard from them,it is the fourth lie i heard from them,now this lie also debunked.

nira,the more pretense you tell,the more foolish you are. why? because:
if you really have so many reasonable reason for,why not reserved/registered/blocked it in the past years? (are you busy in robbing’s,’s,’s money in the past years?) why you only realized that after i registered and use it for 8 months,34 weeks,240 days? this is not other business,this is domain business,first come first served!

i am only a foreigner,my english is not good,its difficult for me to find and collect proofs (but i already debunk nira’s many lies either on or on,but nira is the so called “official” registry,it’s unfortunately they can easy to change their rules and policies on their website at any time,like they can change other people’s domain whois at any time without any reason,include steal and sell them.

as the “official” registry,who should welcome customers to register more .ng domains,but nira even call me,their customer ”Faceless Speculator”.they only want to register all the good .ng domains and sell them himself, but if there are good .ng domains registered by other people,they will steal and sell them,there are many victims,i am not the only case.after that,they still has the courage to call the customer ”Faceless Speculator“.

it’s not surprised that why there are only 26,000 domain names were registered with NiRA at the end of 2013,and most of these .ng domain names are foreign-owned (foreigners don’t know .ng is not safe before).

nira,if you don’t give back the domains you stole from me,nobody will register .ng domains,not only nigerians,but also foreigners know that .ng is not safe now. com/net/org not only cheaper than .ng,but also safer than .ng, and com/net/org registry always welcome customers to register more of their domains,they never call their customers speculators.

nira itself is a speculator,also the biggest speculator.
nira registered at least thousands of .ng domains for sale,may be more than 10,000,that is why you always see “Contact NIRA to buy this domain” when you check .ng domains whois, they not only sell the domains they registered,but also steal and sell domains registered by other people,they are the so called “official” registry.i really hope the word of “official” will disappear from the english world,or reserve it only for nira use. what they did,what they said is pollution to this word!

from this link you will see,not only nira,but also nira’s leader,Sunday Folayan (the vice president of nira) and his own company
Skannet ( is also a speculator,who believe this kind of people (who said give back early on 2013-12-24,but until today not only dont give back my domain,but also dont give back my money) will spend a lot of cash on .ng domains? unless this is a insider trading!

Mary Uduma and Sunday Folayan,you are the so called “official” registry,although you can steal any .ng domain at any time with any reason,but fairness and justice still exist in the world. every good nigerians will remind me that “nira is not nigeria“,they are ashamed for you. and are all my domains,if you give back as promised,i will exchange with you,i only ask for what is rightfully belongs to me (not meaning that you shouldn’t pay compensation to my damages).if you insist steal all the 2 domains from me,i would rather get nothing but continue fighting,i will let everyone in the world know that there is a robber registry named NIRA,there are thieves named Mary Uduma and Sunday Folayan inside NIRA.